Question: What was the name of the TV show in the '80s that C. Thomas Howell was in? It was a drama with two different families. It is killing me! Please help. — A.K., Walnut Creek, Cal.

Televisionary: Oh, come now, A.K. — killing you? Usually that's caused by remembering most of the Howell oeuvre, not forgetting it.

Anyway, you're thinking of Two Marriages, a drama that ran on ABC from August 1983 to the following April. It focused on two families in the Iowa suburbs: the Daleys, Jim (Tom Mason) and Ann (Karen Carlson), and the Armstrongs, Art (Michael Murphy) and Nancy (Janet Eilber). The former was the more modern of the two clans (both Jim and Ann had careers), while the latter was more traditional (Art was a surgeon and Nancy was a bored housewife).

Howell played Scott, Ann's rule-breaking teen son from an earlier marriage. But the Armstrongs had a budding star in their household, too. Their boy Eric was played by Seaver-to-be Kirk Cameron.