Question: Do you have any information on Catherine Bell of the hit TV series JAG? Thank you.

Televisionary: This is the point at which my second-grade teacher said "Yes" and nothing more, then sat with a smirk pasted across her pinched face, waiting for me to actually ask for said details. I refused to give in, which is probably why I grew up ignorant and cycled through her classroom for three years straight. Me? I'm a get-along guy, so here goes.

Born in London before moving to L.A. at the age of three, the beauteous Ms. Bell pretty much backed into an acting career. She did some modeling in college — at UCLA, she planned to be a doctor or a biomedical engineer — and hired an acting coach to help her overcome her natural shyness. She took to the new discipline, and bingo — new career path.

Interestingly enough, Bell appeared on JAG before being cast as Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie. Back when the show was on NBC, the producers put together an episode where Harm (David James Elliott) fell in love with a woman, played by Bell, who was subsequently murdered. The episode was only shown overseas and when the series jumped to CBS, creator Donald Bellisario was looking for a female lead to replace Tracey Needham. Bell lobbied hard for the part and got it, and JAG went on to become a stunning success for its new network.

An avid kick boxer, snowboarder and mountain biker, Bell also speaks fluent Farsi. But I'm betting none of this is what you're really after. I'm sorry to inform you the lady is married — to actor Adam Beason.