Question: Will there be an Angel movie? Nobody loves the broody vampire with a soul more than I do, which is why I ask. &#151 Adrienne D., San Diego, Cal.

Televisionary: It's up in the air and its chances depend on whom you ask. James Marsters (Spike) told our own Shawna Malcom, who interviewed Joss Whedon and his cast for the show's last ride, that he'd "love to come back to the character." David Boreanaz, on the other hand, said he doesn't plan on it.

According to Whedon, there were conversations about that possibility while Angel was still on, but ending the series changed all that. "Since we've been canceled that conversation hasn't come up," he said. "I think it could be very interesting. I think the Buffy universe as a whole has a lot of characters that would be interesting to service, but it's not my decision."