Question: Am I the only one who remembers a show called Johnny Bago, which was about a fugitive from the law who, chased by his ex-wife detective, traveled the country in a Winnebego doing good deeds? I remember it being on one summer and it had excellent scripts. — John, Flemington, N.J.

Televisionary: Of course you aren't John. If you were, this answer wouldn't be here, now would it?

Johnny Bago, which ran on CBS for but two months in 1993, revolved around a bush-league con man (Peter Dobson) set up by his cousin for the killing of a Staten Island mobster's son. Skipping town, he caught a ride with an old codger driving across the country in a Winnebago and took the wheel when the guy died. Thus Johnny Tenuti became Johnny Bago (think about it) and went on the lam, trying to stay away from the mob, the cops and, as you say, his parole officer/ex-wife (Rose Abdoo).

Michael Gazzo played the vengeful Don Roselli, Richard Romanus was his rotten cousin and Anna Berger was Johnny's mom. And just in case you're a parrothead, Jimmy Buffett did the show's theme song.