Question: Where can I get a videotape of The Mists of Avalon? Thank you. — Audrey P.

Televisionary: Well, my mom taped the whole thing and might be persuaded to part with it for the right price, but the networks, the MPAA and pretty much everyone who depends on copyright laws for a living really hate that kind of thing, so we best leave that potential auction alone. (Besides, her cable provider's picture is grainy as all get-out and my dad kept switching to ESPN and The Cartoon Network, so unless you like abrupt jumps from Anjelica Huston's Lady of the Lake to Australian-rules football and Bugs Bunny in drag, it makes for frustrating viewing.)

All of which means you should probably just hit your local or online video store and plop down the 15-20 bucks or so it'll cost you for the official version. If you pick it up on DVD, you also get additional scenes, cast and production information and all the other cool stuff that makes it worth springing for a player. (Hey, just doing my part to help coax the economy back to health.)