Question: Could you please tell me the name of the artist who sang the Cat Stevens song "Trouble" on the ER where Abby and Carter go to pick up her mother in Oklahoma? Thank you! — Shannon G.

Televisionary: Oh, but it wouldn't be a column without the usual ER song question, now would it, Shannon? Not a problem — even though I sometimes wonder if people get tired of reading about music from that show.

"Trouble," which you heard while the two characters took their road trip, is a remake by Throwing Muses founder Kristin Hersh. You'll find it on her CD Sunny Border Blue, which I heartily recommend for its blend of pop and fury. (As Hersh herself said of the work: "Some of these songs sound like they could have been written by The Monkees. But only if something really terrible had happened to them."

And while I'm firing off opinions on what you might enjoy, I also give Mona Bone Jakon, the Stevens album containing the original version, high marks. It, too, is well worth a listen.