Question: There was a short-lived television show in the late '80s or early '90s that featured a large (eight to 10 people) band. The band also had a record out at the same time. I believe part of the name was "heights." Any ideas? — Laura W., Lawrenceville, Ga.

Televisionary: Well, one. You're thinking of The Heights, a drama which ran on Fox for only three months beginning in August 1992.

As you say, the band was nearly big enough to field its own baseball team, with Dizzy (Ken Garito), Stan (Alex Desert), Rita (Cheryl Pollak), Hope (NYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross), J.T. (Shawn David Thompson), Alex (Jamie Walters) and Lenny (Zachary Throne) cranking out the sounds on various instruments. (You don't really want me to list who played what, do you?)

The show's theme song, "How Do You Talk to an Angel," was indeed released as a single and was far more successful than the show that spawned it. It eventually made it to Billboard's top spot, and The Heights was cancelled a week later.