Question: Being the only white girl in my all-African-American office, I have been elected to ask this question. Where have we seen the fine-looking white guy on Abby? You know, the sarcastic one? Please help us out. Thank you, oh, great one. — Going Crazy, Bladensburg, Md.

Televisionary: See, this is why I tried to convince my boss we should stop requiring readers to ask only about those who share their ethnicity, but he wouldn't listen and... Wait a minute — we have no such rule! What are you thinking, G.C.? What kind of set-up are you living under there in Bladensburg? And how would I know your race if you didn't tell me, anyway? (Thanks for the "great one" part, though.)

I assume you mean Sean O'Bryan, who plays Abby's boss on the UPN comedy. I can't say for sure where you've see him, but he was a regular for the same network on Pig Sty and Brother's Keeper. He also did some guest-work on such shows as The King of Queens, Family Law, Providence and Chicago Hope, and hit the big screen in movies like Big Fat Liar, Crimson Tide and Phenomenon.