Question: I have been watching Lifetime's new primetime show The Division, and I know I've seen Tracey Needham before, but I can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas?

Televisionary: Well, unless you went to school with her or perhaps stole her dryer at your local laundromat, I'm betting it was when she played military lawyer Lt. j.g. Meg Austin and teamed with David James Elliott's Harm during JAG's initial run on NBC. (I touched on that last week while discussing Catherine Bell — it seems my readers dig women in positions of authority.)

You may also have spotted the Dallas native as older sister Paige Thatcher in ABC's Life Goes On or as the gun-totin' Bonnie Parker in the Fox's TV-movie Bonnie and Clyde: The True Story. Looking at her bio, there's no mystery why Needham — who says she welcomes the chance to star in The Division because her tough-talking character is shown having a personal life — is well prepared to portray all these hardened women. She grew up as the only girl in a house with three brothers.