Question: There was this show on Nickelodeon when I was younger. It was about a koala bear and when you touched its nose he came alive. No one can remember what the show was called. Can you please help me!!! — Megz

Televisionary: Alright, now you just simmer down there, Megz. That kind of desperation is appropriate for, say, drowning and house fires; we're talking about koalas, for pity's sake.

Nevertheless, I shall indeed help you, kid. The show you describe was the dreaded Noozles and it ran on Nickelodeon from November 1988 to April 1993. It centered around young Sandy Brown, a girl whose stuffed koala, Blinky, turned into the real McCoy when she "noozled" (rubbed noses, to the uninitiated) with it. Blinky and kid sister Pinky, who also showed up, hailed from the harsh dimension of Koalawalla Land, but they preferred hanging out on our plane of existence.

Now, real koalas (which are actually marsupials and not bears) mostly spend their days sleeping, but these passed the time looking for adventure and exposing Sandy to their terrifying powers. You see, Blinky's watch could stop time, while Pinky's makeup compact was an advanced transporter device. Of course, the fact that her wee, fuzzy pals wielded abilities that would've reduced Einstein to tears mattered little to Sandy — she just thought they were keen.

So did America's kids, apparently — the show, which lasted for 65 episodes, was a big hit for Nickelodeon.