Question: Sometime in September there was a program on either the Food Network, Discovery, or The History Channel featuring the lavish and sumptuous menus of King Henry VIII, his dining habits and cooking staff. Frequently the features on these channels are aired more than once. I would be most interested in the title of that program and if or when it may air again. If not, is it available on video? I've exhausted my search and would appreciate your help. Thank you. — Julia, Oakland, Cal.

Televisionary: Sorry to say, Julia, that the The Food Network has no immediate plans to rerun its Eat Like a King special or make it available on home video. However, a network spokesperson tells me they could always decide to air it again sometime next year. In the meantime, you can read a little more about it on the network's site, And if you're into other Food Network fare, episodes of Molto Mario and 30 Minute Meals are due out on video and DVD this month and you can pick up episodes of Good Eats now.

If you do manage to prepare some of those Henry VIII recipes, by the way, I advise skipping the head cheese.