Question: There was a short-lived Saturday-morning TV show (not a cartoon) sometime during the '70s in which a father drank bad water on a trip to South America and every so often he would turn into a teenager. Do you know the name of that show, when it was on, and who was in it? — Tracy

Televisionary: Sounds to me like you're thinking of Gilligan's Island and Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz's Big John, Little John which aired for a season on NBC beginning in September 1976. In it, "big" teacher John Martin (Herb Edelman) drank from Florida's fountain of youth, which caused him to shrink down to his "little" version, played by Robbie Rist (Bunch's cousin Oliver). Unfortunately, the show's audience was on the "little" side of the equation, though, and the show was, as you say, short-lived.