Question: There was a show on, I think, Friday or Saturday nights that was about a guy who used to help people out and his only payment was that he expected a favor in return. I think it might have been called Vengeance. Not quite sure of the name or night. Could you please help? — Totally Stumped

Televisionary: Stumped, you've either been partying too hard or not getting enough fresh air, babe. That show was on for a short time, true, but it only went off the air in the beginning of 1999, for crying out loud. Get your priorities straight: Jettison the birthdays and anniversaries of friends and loved ones and use the precious memory cells for TV minutia.

The show that's stumping you is Vengeance Unlimited, the creepy vehicle for the glowering Michael Madsen, who often plays creeps. From the creators of the equally dark Profit, it premiered on ABC's Tuesday-night schedule in September 1998 before jumping to Thursdays for the duration of its brief fun, which ended the following February.

Madsen portrayed the scary Mr. Chapel, whose sole purpose in life was avenging wrongs — usually misdeeds perpetrated against the powerless by the wealthy, whose money and mouthpieces got them off. Chapel often employed his own dark, violent talents in balancing the scales, helped along by KC Griffin (Kathleen York), a worker bee in the District Attorney's office whom he'd helped in the past. (Chapel charged those he helped either $1 million or a favor to be called in on a future endeavor, and KC owed him big, apparently.)

Anyway, such darkness didn't go over well on a weekly basis, and while poor Mr. Chapel's capacity for vengeance wasn't limited, an impatient network's tolerance for low ratings certainly was.