Question: I have a question that could only be answered by a great one, namely you. In a rerun of Charlie's Angels (I know, I shouldn't admit to such things, even when home with the flu), the Angels were talking to a dark-haired man who was very familiar. I think he was a regular on the show. Who is he, and could he possibly be the same actor who was on a show that aired in the mid-'90s about a priest and nun who solved mysteries together? I can't remember the name of the later show, but the nun was a street kid before she became a nun. It's amazing how once you start wondering about something it really sticks in your mind.

Answer: Ah, Rika, your flattery is appreciated, but the question can be answered with just the slightest flex of my unearthly TV abilities.

I'd venture to say that no two actors in TV history have been confused with one another more frequently than Tom Bosley and the late David Doyle. Side by side, they didn't look all that similar, but they were the same physical type overall, and both spoke in memorably gravelly voices.

Now see if you can follow me here: On Charlie's Angels, Doyle played assistant John Bosley (a name which only adds to the mix-up). Bosley the actor is best known for his work as Happy Days dad Howard Cunningham, but in 1989 he went on to star as a collar-wearing sleuth for two seasons on Father Dowling Mysteries, which is the show you're thinking of. (Tracy Nelson costarred as Sister Stephanie, aka Sister Steve.)

And I thank you for your devotion. Forever is an awful long time, so hang in there.