Question: There was a show that was on several years ago. There were two kids who lived with their uncle and he lived next to or near a vampire named Max. Please tell me the name of the show. I have been asking my friends about it for a while and no one seems to remember it. Thanks. — Christine, Detroit, Mich.

Televisionary: You're thinking of the syndicated Dracula: The Series, 26 episodes of which debuted in 1990, Christine.

Shot in Luxembourg and done pretty much as a goof, it centered on business mogul Alexander Lucard (hint: spell the last name backwards), played by Geordie Johnson, and Gustav Helsing (Bernard Behrens), the man hunting him.

Max (Jacob Tierney) was actually one of Helsing's American nephews (Joe Roncetti's Chris was the other); both kids helped their uncle in the vampire-hunting biz. The show also featured Wolf Lake's Mia Kirshner, Lynne Cormack as Max and Chris's mom and Geraint Wyn Davies as Helsing's vampire son Klaus, who'd taken a bite from Lucard.