Greg Grunberg Greg Grunberg

Comic book guys are a little happier on Tuesday mornings now that Bryan Fuller returned to Heroes as a consulting producer and writer. As Fuller was creating the beautiful world of Pushing Daisies on ABC, Heroes fans did plenty of grumbling and sighing over its slipping quality: Why would producers think we'd want to see Season 1 rehashes of Parkman painting the future and Hiro witnessing an apocalyptic explosion?

But now, after cool twists like bringing back Parkman's wife and baby, as well as Micah as a helpful rebel, the show seems reinvigorated and more focused — fuller, if you will. The show may even have done the ultimate act of changing the future, saving the world from another bad season of Heroes.

Once a show's jumped the shark, can it un-jump and thrive? Do you think Heroes has done just that?