Here's a good mystery for ya: Will ABC's self-consciously quirky Push, Nevada remain on the TV map long enough to award one lucky viewer the $1 million producers promised? With the show dying a slow death in the Nielsens, it certainly appears unlikely that the drama/reality contest hybrid will fulfill its 13-episode commitment. In the meantime, as the network pieces together that unfortunate puzzle, we've been busy solving an even frothier brain-teaser: Why is everyone accusing Push, Nevada of being nothing more than a poor man's Twin Peaks? Clearly, the two shows have nothing in common. Well, okay... maybe one or two things. Let's examine the evidence.

Twin Peaks
Population: 10,623
Lead investigator: FBI agent Dale Cooper — out to expose a murderer — can't resist sweet cherry pie.
Sexpot alert: Resident tease Audrey develops crush on Agent Cooper.
Long-distance connection: Cooper confers with colleague Diane using a tape recorder
Sample sound bite: "It must be the air."
Town misfit: Log Lady
Bad things happen at: Down-'n'-dirty casino One-Eyed Jack's.
Debut audience: 30 million viewers

Push, Nevada
Population: 51,201
Lead investigator: IRS agent James Prufrock — out to expose an embezzler — is still sweet on his ex-wife.
Sexpot alert: Resident tease Mary develops crush on Agent Prufrock.
Long-distance connection: Prufrock confers with colleague Grace using a cell phone
Sample sound bite: "It must be the H2O."
Town misfit: Shivering Man
Bad things happen at: Upscale Versailles Casino
Debut audience: 8.1 million viewers