Project Runway by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Project Runway by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Approaching the close of another season of fashion hits, misses and dismissals, Project Runway will air a two-part season finale on successive Weds., Feb. 27 and March 5 (10 pm/ET).

At the end of a season that saw a Twizzler bustier and a puffy shirt, the show's judges and hosts reflected back on the threads of their labors. For her part, Heidi Klum admitted that she has a "little bit of a favorite" on the show. (Any guesses? I've got two. And neither is Sweet P.) And on her favorite looks of the season? Amazingly, the queen of fashion was actually wowed: "There were a few things that I actually had not seen before," she said. "I was like, oh wow, that's very cool!"

Guest judge/ soccer wife Victoria Beckham also had some comments on the fruits of Season 4, gushing that she "thought it was amazing. I thought the standard was incredibly high." But, like Klum, Vic also has her fave of the season. She explained: "There was one person - every single piece that came down that runway I would wear myself. That person made me smile and I was just amazed, absolutely amazed!" Forget about wearability, I'm just impressed that she smiled.

In addition to the ladies, den daddy and mentor Tim Gunn also weighed in on Season 4, saying he believes that the ultimate decision on the winner "will be a matter of taste. It won't be a matter of some things being made better than others." He added, "[ Project Runway] has really demystified fashion for people. There was kind of a veil of mystery over it and now people know it is blood, sweat and tears!" And we all know there are no tears like those of a fashionista on game day. Any guesses on who's going to take the big win? - Anna Dimond