Project RunwayYou'd think that these final four contestants has survived because they work well in this high-pressure situation. But really, when it came down to this final evening gown, which they were permitted to make with regular old fabric, not grass or old clothing or spandex, they all kinda choked, didn't they? The disappointment made Nina Garcia

look snootier than ever, like she'd seen someone wearing clothes from Gap in her presence. I don't think Iman

minded so much, since she was so blatantly there to promote her book, The Beauty of Color (at least she made more sense here than on Top Model last season).

So as much as I think Santino deserved the auf Wiedersehen last week for that hideous falling-apart jumpsuit (poor Nick!), I actually liked his exploded belly-dancer gown. At least he had "a point of view," as they keep saying. Then again, I loved Michael Kors' comment: "It's almost like you're saying, 'I'm smarter than all of you. I know you're all going to say there's too much s--t all over this dress, but I'm going to do it anyway and prove my point!'" The others' dresses were completely wearable, and as we all know, high fashion shouldn't look like something we would actually wear. Also, I think the folks at Mood fabrics are part of some sort of conspiracy to make every creation pucker at the seams. Or maybe that's just the midnight sewing sessions wearing down the contestants' skills. Daniel picked a nice shade of blue and an interesting front slit. His gown was well sewn, too, but I just wanted more texture and oomph. Despite the awkward fit, the back of Chloe's dress was awesome, and I think her model, Grace, could make a sack look elegant. Kara's was, as usual, way too safe. The raggedy bottom was sad. There's a reason she never won a challenge (except I think she deserved to win the garden challenge). I was as shocked as Chloe was that her fellow contestants said she should be cut. Except for this puckering business, she's Daniel's toughest competition. Thank goodness the judges didn't take that advice, and they finally set Kara free. Can't wait to see their final collections! Sabrina Rojas Weiss