Project Runway With Project Runway

, you are either in or you're out, and tonight John

and Heidi were the ones who were out. Not a huge surprise, though, if I ever am in need of tie-dye, I'm giving John a ringy-ding  he's fast and the color was hot. My early favorites are Emmett and Santino. Santino, who won the first challenge, is a real character, and did anyone else think he oddly resembled Paul Giamatti aka Private Parts' Pig Vomit, or more recently, that dude from Sideways? Watch again next week if you didn't see it.... there's just something. And I know that just last night I was totally down on Heidi Klum looking freakin' amazing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show such a short time after she gave birth, but now it is weird to see her prebaby with her little belly bulge. I loved that pink baby-doll dress she was sporting during the voting stage of the game. Also, how strange is it that they let a contestant back in for a second shot? I thought for sure Daniel Franco would be the first one sent packing again now that would have been a shocker. I did love seeing Jay McCarroll and his "love me, buy my clothes" plea, and Wendy Pepper, Austin Scarlett, Kara Saun and Robert "there is a website about my ass" Plotkin, who were on hand to help narrow down the masses to the semifinalist crew. If this show stays devoted to its fashion (and doesn't take a weird turn like The Donald's sponsored tasks), then I am so in for the rest of the season.