Project Runway
After all these weeks of having only two days to complete a project, you'd think seven months would be enough time for 12 outfits. Apparently not. But before we get to that, let me say how nice it was to see this other side of Santino, eating dinner at his friend's house with a little girl crawling on his lap, and even confessing about his insecurities. Looooved seeing all those '80s Sears portraits of the finalists and their families. And the product placement worked: I officially covet that Saturn roadster Tim rented.

So far Santino's dress actually looks the most wearable, ironically. That pleated rainbowy dress is gorgeous. Chloe's ginormous poofy-sleeved jacket thing was more over-the-top and weird. Tim liked it, though, so what do I know. I can't really tell what it is about Daniel's collection that has Tim so worried  that it's unfinished or that it's on the safe side? With all of their last-minute panic, they were so unhappy to see Heidi that they didn't even congratulate her on her baby or her return to model size. The 13th look sounds rather unlucky. How mean of those who made the finals to choose their assistants from their former competitors in front of everyone. Kara looked like she was going to cry when no one picked her. But it made more sense for them to pick people who would really assist without question, and she was so close to being there. I'm digging having this extra factor in the equation, even if it is just to make the finale stretch out for an extra week. Especially since it elicited that Cameron-from-Ferris Bueller scream from Santino, along with the image of the last piece being like "trying to disguise a piece of s--- amongst a bunch of diamonds." And that's him being humble! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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