Do the producers of this show have some sort of contract with the people over at The O.C.? First Theresa (Navi Rawat) is transformed from potentially unwed mother to Amita, a physics genius with a regular gig. And now Orange County's offbeat Anna (Samaire Armstrong) makes an appearance as a famous, scantily clad pop star. Just an odd coincidence? And not to dwell on the guest stars too much, but it did disturb me a little bit that I recognized the rap guy's assistant from the movie Honey. Yeah, that made me worry but I swear, I saw it for work. I did think it was interesting that adorkable math geek Charlie revealed his membership in the sundial club, and was able to calculate the exact location of the stalker's house. That's pretty impressive stuff; otherwise the rest of the episode was pretty much by the book. But on a Friday night, I'll take what I can get. AC

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