Wentworth Miller, <EM>Prison Break</EM> Wentworth Miller, Prison Break
Prison Break The wait is finally over, and boy was it worth it (though I have to thank Fox for reairing the finale last week to refresh my memory). When last we left our antiheroes, they were in a supply closet in an attempt to break out. Well, that went awry thanks to the stupid maintenance guy, who was just doing his job. Of course, skeezy T-Bag is royally ticked off at Michael for the failed plan. Everyone else is all sympathetic about not being able to save Lincoln from the chair, and T-Bag threatens to kill Mikey with a shank. Nice, just what Michael needs: more pressure, especially when Michael's alternate plan to delay the execution goes haywire. Rats! Failing any other option, Michael begs Doctor Sarah to appeal to her father for help. I still can't believe the governor's condescending response to his daughter: "It's not like you are asking me for a new bike here, kid." She's a grown woman with a medical degree who works with dangerous criminals on a daily basis! The governor has no respect for her, but it doesn't help that he's also in the vice president's back pocket. So wrong. But I was touched by Sarah's gesture and surprisingly moved by Veronica's teary admission that she had loved Lincoln since the moment she met him, and my eyes teared up when Lincoln and Michael hugged. Honestly, who would think that a show about inmates would be able to almost move me to tears? I was less surprised at being left breathlessly hanging after Lincoln walked into the death chamber preceding the episode's fade to black. What a way to end their first hour back. I'm hoping that Michael has a few more tricks up those tattooed sleeves, but it's really not looking good. And I just have a couple of random questions: Would they really let Veronica into the prison with a cell phone? Doesn't that violate some kind of law, or is it OK as long as you are visiting a dead man walking? And would you get any signal through all that concrete? If so, I need a new wireless plan. I can't even get mine to work in this building. Oh, and I'm suddenly worried about L.J. If Veronica can't even get a stay of execution for Lincoln for lack of proof, how is she going to get L.J. cleared of all murder charges? Angel Cohn

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