Prison BreakThank goodness that the editors on this show know to cut away from tough-to-watch moments just as I'm getting completely squeamish. Like just after T-Bag's boy steps off the ledge and right after Abruzzi puts the broken lightbulb on that guy's eye. However, we do still have to see skeezy T-Bag hitting on the new fish who gets two nicknames: "Tweener" and "Snowflake." I like Michael even more now that I know about his psychological condition. He's sympathetic to those in need nice! And he's got a strange ability to see inside things in ways that other people don't who even knew that low latent inhibition was something that people could suffer from? I'm learning so much about abnormal psych from this show. It does explain how he designed that tattoo though. And I know I've been complaining about the people on the outside, but LJ gets a gold star this week for evading those not-so-secret service agents with the help of text messages and some good old-fashioned hiding underneath cars. They think they are so savvy with their tracking devices and the discovery of his cell phone, but it is a great feeling to watch this teen who is still devastated by the loss of his mom think fast on his feet and outwit these wackos. Back on the inside, Lincoln is really starting to feel the claustrophobia of those four walls while he's mostly helpless to assist his son, but I think he'd be proud to see the boy in action. Still, with the one-eyed guy taking over Abruzzi's work-detail job, it is looking less and less likely that he and his bro will be able to manage their breakout as planned. I just wonder whether we'll find out if their jailbreak is successful before or after the extended-hiatus Fox has planned for this show after November.   Angel Cohn

You can't tune in to this show even a minute late. I literally changed to the channel at 10:01 pm and I'd already missed most of Allison's vision that kicked off this whole episode. The teenage girl was already in the doctor's office and lying on the table eviscerated and I sat in front of my TV a bit grossed out and clueless as to what was going on. Obviously, I got the gist of it as the episode progressed, with the whole turn-of-the-century creepy-doctor-possessing-people thing. So strange. Also, loving the way that Allison handled that teacher without coming right out and saying that she and her daughter were psychic. You just know that wouldn't have gone over well. And her off-the-cuff comment to her husband when he questioned how she had resolved the issue was the best: "Our eldest daughter's record remains blemish-free, and there is still a chance that she could learn to smoke pot at the college of her choice." Now there is a realistic mom. I just wonder if she's speculating or if she got that from a vision of the future.   AC