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Prison Break: What the Heck Is Michael Doing?

Our imprisoned pal has something up his sleeve

Tim Surette

Now that the reintroductions are over, it was time to get to some prison breaking in the second episode of Prison Break, appropriately (I think) titled "Kaniel Outis." I say I think because Kaniel Outis is the name that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is using inside that filthy Yemeni prison, and at this point -- especially after the big reveal at the end -- we really don't know who Michael is anymore! Seriously, what is going on with this guy?

While the premiere focused on the outside, we spent plenty of time on the inside in "Kaniel Outis" following Michael's life in Ogygia and meeting some of his new friends. Turns out Michael didn't need Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) to start his prison break and already had one of those extremely convoluted plans in place that involved timing a scheduled blackout and running really, really fast out of there.

Meanwhile, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) got a video of Michael in prison and got a bad case of the feels. Her journey to see what could be done made her cross paths with her old nemesis Kellerman (Paul Adelstein), who had video footage of post-"death" Michael murdering the deputy chief of the CIA. It's complicated, okay?

Wentworth Miller and Augustus Prew, Prison Break

Wentworth Miller and Augustus Prew, Prison Break

Ed Araquel

Back on prison, we met a few of Michael's friends, including Whip (Augustus Prew), Sid (Kunal Sharma), an inmate in prison for the "crime" of homosexuality, and Ja (Rick Yune), a Korean identity thief with a rather unhealthy obsession with Freddie Mercury. A ticking bomb was established when it was revealed that the worst of the worst inside Ogygia -- including the superbad terrorist Abu Ramal (Numan Acar) -- would be let out into gen-pop for Ramadan soon, and once they were out, they would cause all sorts of problems for infidels, foreigners and homosexuals. In other words, big trouble for Michael, Ja and Sid.

Making matters worse -- yes, things can get even worse for Michael, this is Prison Break don't forget -- the planned power outage wasn't happening for unknown reasons; whoever Michael had on the outside wasn't giving them the signal that it was going to happen.

Fortunately for us, this is a TV show and these things sort of figure themselves out in the most convenient way possible. Lincoln, using an extremely complicated clue that took him around town visiting shady people, discovered that the man who could help Michael was a guy captured by ISIS, so Lincoln went to free him from a hornet's nest of ISIS cronies and *surprise* he did! That allowed the guy to prepare the power outage to allow Michael to escape.

Prison Break: Will we see Sofia again?

The 24-hour warning for the power outage was sent back to Ogygia via flickering lights, and all was great! Except for one small problem: the nasties were released into gen-pop and Abu Ramal immediately approached Michael. Uh oh! Except this is Prison Break, after all, and instead of shanking Michael, Abu Ramal hugged him and Michael called him "brother." Ramal then asked Michael if he found a way for them to escape, and Michael said, "Yes, tomorrow night."

Is Michael now a terrorist? Has he lost his mind? Or was Michael sent into the prison by someone else to break Abu Ramal out? That would be my guess, and we'll probably get a clearer picture next week. Phew!

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.