Prison Break
The good news: Prison Break will be returning with new episodes in March instead of "sometime this summer" as had originally been rumored. The bad? Now we've got to wait until freakin' March to find out what happens with Michael, Lincoln and the rest of the Fox River wannabe escapees. As cliff-hangers go, this one was pretty amazing. Nice FBI guy Danny gets shot for blowing the whistle on Madam VP's murderous plot, but mostly because he implicated Paul in the process. Veronica who opened her big mouth saying she had proof of Lincoln's innocence on TV before she actually had it (don't even get me started on how her inability to think things through makes me dislike her even more!) only got a bit of info before her informant was shot. Though it is a juicy little nugget Terrance Steadman is still alive. Very interesting. And on the inside, Michael and Co. are stuck just below the infirmary with no way to get up to the next floor. And T-Bag, who sliced and diced Abruzzi whose fate

still hasn't been revealed has got his knife and is ready to cut again if their plan goes south. What the hell has he done lately? Michael, who sliced open his own skin, feigned his dedication to religion to a priest, stole Sucre's rosary beads and concocted one heck of an elaborate escape plan, is clearly the mastermind of this operation, while T-Bag is just plain skeezy and along for the get-out-of-jail-free card. Meanwhile, did Michael have it in mind all along to get Lincoln sent to solitary and then to the infirmary? That's some foresight. I did have to turn away when he was retrieving the little pill that made his brother have food-poisoning symptoms I'm not usually so squeamish but that was a little much for me. Oh, and if someone is in solitary, would they still be able to get a visit from their lawyer and would they be left alone with them? Speaking of squeamish moments, the Veronica-kissing-Lincoln thing was way harder to watch than Michael cutting open is tattoo. That almost made me leave the room. And thanks to all the people who wrote in telling me that it was the SHU, not "shoe," where Lincoln is sent. Not sure how you loyal readers have so much prison knowledge and not sure I want to, so I'll just express my appreciation for keepin' me up with the jailhouse lingo. Maybe you could send me some other cool terms and I'll study up before March. at least that will be a productive way to spend my time waiting for this show to return.