<O:P>Gregory Smith, <EM>Everwood</EM></O:P> Gregory Smith, Everwood
Prison Break Arguably it isn't that big of a surprise that Lincoln narrowly (though a little too narrowly, if you ask me) escaped execution. I don't think anyone watching this show would expect that they'd actually kill off one of the brothers before they get a chance to bust out of jail. I mean the show is Prison Break ,

after all, not "Watch as Michael's Spirit Is Broken When We Kill His Brother Whom He Tried in Vain to Save." But while the suspense factor on that end may be somewhat limited, the insane ways that they keep stifling Michael's plans might be the best reason to keep watching this show. My scream-out-loud moment of the episode was watching Michael stand silently while his skin was seared to the stolen guard's uniform. I felt his pain, and then the fade to black when Sucre tore the material from his skin... ouch!!! But that's what makes for good TV. However, now I'm putting this on my list of shows to tape and watch after I eat dinner, along with Bones and The Biggest Loser (though that is less for the gross factor and more about my food/guilt issues). I'm intrigued by the dad story line, especially as it got Lincoln off the hook and made Madame VP and Michelle Forbes all angry that someone foiled their plans. And I was proud of Sucre for stepping up and doing something to help with the breakout aside from just putting up a sheet in his cell. Getting his cousin to hand over the guard uniform was actually pretty clever only a family member would be a part of this dirty-laundry deal. I love that Mikey's new route takes them through a place called "the wack shack." How come we never see those inmates out in the yard? I mean, the guard had a good point about how between the killers and the crazies, he'd take the crazies any day. Anyway, if Michael ever makes it out, I'm a little concerned that he might end up with lead poisoning from traipsing around among those pipes.