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Shady Taylor Got Even More Suspect on The Perfectionists

Jeremy also got super sketchy this week

Andrea Reiher

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists was all about the romantic relationships, with some Dana Booker (Klea Scott) drama thrown in that still seems like a massive red herring. But a couple of new suspects have emerged that are very intriguing.

The Trio

There are two big plots in play this week for the trio. The first is that Booker decided Dylan (Eli Brown) is definitely not the person who killed Nolan (Chris Mason) because he's too weak to have ever stood up to his bully friend. Ouch. But also, she's not wrong.

Booker used this bribe of innocence to try to blackmail Dylan into ratting out his friends, including Alison (Sasha Pieterse), but he only pretended to take her up on the deal. Instead, they got a recording of Booker admitting to falsifying evidence to give Dylan an alibi in exchange for his information on the girls. It seemed like a big victory for Team Nolan, except for one thing...

The Perfectionists' Graeme Thomas King Weighs in on That Theory Linking Jeremy and Wren

Taylor (Hayley Erin) got really weird about wanting to be the one to give her mom the evidence against Booker. Mona (Janel Parrish) doesn't trust Taylor as far as she can throw her, which means neither do I. Mona was one of the best characters from Pretty Little Liars (maybe the best), and I trust her judgment implicitly (except when it comes to something we'll get to in a minute). But the bottom line is, Taylor looked super sketchy by episode's end. I would not be at all surprised if her whole story about faking her death is a sham and she killed Nolan because he was the only one of only two people who knew the truth about why she did it.

Hayley Erin, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Hayley Erin, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Scott Patrick Green, Freeform

The other one? Jeremy (Graeme Thomas King). He also got super sketchy this episode, taking phone calls in private and being weird about his computer. Then when Caitlin (Sydney Park) followed him to find out what he was up to, she caught him drilling holes in his laptop before chucking it into the river. Yeah, that's definitely the behavior of an innocent person. We know Jeremy works for the Hotchkiss family. Maybe he and Taylor have been working together this whole time for some nefarious purpose and he helped her kill Nolan?

And maybe it has to do with "last time." Remember when Taylor said to her mom, Claire (Kelly Rutherford), "I snap and you end up smelling like a rose. Just like last time." What happened last time? What does it have to do with Taylor's "suicide"? What does it have to do with the missing Hotchkiss family member on Beacon Guard? So many questions.

Alison & Mona

Mona was her usual awesome self this week, masterminding the plot to get Booker and keeping Taylor at arm's length. Unfortunately, when it comes to smart, cute boys, Mona was not exactly using her best judgment. She tried to stay away from Mason (Noah Gray-Cabey) for... about five seconds before jumping his bones. And hey, you get yours, Mona. Except maybe not with a student because you're going to get in trouble when someone finds out.

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Speaking of getting hers, Alison also made a little love connection with a language professor from Buenos Aires named Gabriel. Unfortunately, it turned out he's married and Alison isn't really down with that. But what was verrrrry interesting about Gabriel is that when he "met" Taylor, it looked like they possibly already knew each other. She was certainly giving Gabriel and Alison some kind of "look" when they went for coffee, so mark Gabriel down as someone to keep an eye on.

Additional thoughts on the episode:

- Ava (Sofia Carson) didn't really do anything noteworthy this episode in terms of the mystery, but it was nice to see her start to move on from Nolan with her new buddy Zach (Garrett Wareing). Of course, it's still really awkward that her father swindled Zach's parents out of their life savings. Plus, don't forget that Zach could be playing the long game to hurt Ava as revenge for said swindling.

- The PLL references continue to delight. "Act normal, bitches."

- Caitlin: "I did a report on criminal psychology last year and in order to catch a psychopath, you want to identify their personality and behavioral traits so you can know what kind of psychopath you're dealing with."
Mona: "Thank you, Spencer."

- Do you know what's great about the whole Gabriel thing? How Alison just casually mentions her "ex-wife" and he doesn't bat an eye, plus she is totally cool about his open marriage. Not so cool that she wants to be a part of it, but she's not judgmental of it. It's just a great way to see different versions of sexuality handled on TV.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.