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For Pretty Little Liars fans who felt last season's big reveal wasn't a shock, executive producer Marlene King promises that this Tuesday's finale will make up for it tenfold. 

"Honestly, people's jaws will hit the floor," King tells "For people who felt like [Mona being A] wasn't the big twist they were looking for, they're getting their big twist tomorrow. And the fact that it's two massive, mind-blowing twists, fans will be so shocked and satisfied by this episode. "

Pretty Little Liars: Who's the betrayer? We size up the suspects

Although Mona (Janel Parrish) has been locked up since the start of Season 3, it's been clear she's not working along.  As the first half of the cycle comes to a close, the ultimate betrayer will be revealed as a member of the "A-Team."

Before Tuesday's finale (8/7c on ABC Family), check out a few teases from King.

There are two members of the "A-Team"
The closing teaser of last week's episode was the first that showed not one, but two people working together.  King says, "You'll know who both of those people are and you'll see the two black hoodies together in the finale." And that song, "Smiling Faces Sometimes," that they put on the juke box? You can stop Googling for clues. King says it's more important tonally and not hinting at a character's identity.

Mona is back
And she's not locked up! "In the MuchMusic promo, you see she leaves Radley in her nurse's outfit," King says. "She'll be readying her black hoodie closet very early in the episode."

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Multiple endings were shot
Even the cast members didn't know whether or not they were the betrayer. King says that in order to avoid the reveal leaking out, the show shot multiple different endings. "I have pictures of everyone in the black hoodie and I can't wait to tweet it out; I've been waiting!"

Aria and Ezra can never catch a break
Although these two came out in the open last year, they're not yet done facing obstacles, especially when Ezra's ex Maggie (Larisa Oleynik), who might have had Ezra's baby, comes to town. "Both Aria and Maggie have a secret," King says, referring to Maggie lying about having a child and Aria lying about visiting Maggie. Regarding Ezra's more shady past this season, King adds, "We really wanted to three-dimentionalize Ezra and expanding from everyone in Rosewood has a secret, once 'Ezria' was out, he didn't have a secret anymore. So it's always fun for these people to still have secrets and hide them from getting out. "

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The PLLs will be reunited
Emily (Shay Mitchell) has certainly been on the outs with the group, and when the episode begins, King says Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) stage an intervention to convince her that Paige (Lindsey Shaw)  is A and extremely dangerous. "Emily has this line, 'Well, three against one; A wins.' That's where the episode starts, but by the end the four PLLs will once again be reunited — in a heartbreaking and beautiful scene."

Who do you think is the betrayer? Tell us your theories below! And make sure to check back for Part 2 of our interview with King after the big reveal.

Watch two clips from the episode: