Mary Lynn Rajskub by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Mary Lynn Rajskub by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Mary Lynn Rajskub is enjoying her pregnancy now, but it has not been an easy first trimester for the actress. "I felt like I had the worst hangover that I've ever had, all day and all night, so by the end of the day I'd be really crabby because it wouldn't lift," she told TV Guide at the Celebrity Hot Moms and Hot Moms to Be event in Beverly Hills. "The only thing that would lift [my mood]is drinking or eating something." Don't believe her? Rajskub's pregnancy, cravings and all, is being documented in webisodes to be posted later to her MySpace page!

Rajskub goes back to the set of 24 in a month but does not know (or refuses to tell) whether or not Chloe is still pregnant. Nor is she certain how her computer whiz figures into the Fox series "extracurricular" projects. "I don't know if I'm in the prequel [TV-movie to air this fall] or not, but I think I'm in the [theatrical] movie. I know there was actually a draft written for that, but I don't know what they're doing with it. I was just taunted with it," she says. Sounds like security on 24 is as tight as ever. - Carita Rizzo