Poor Moe. The lovable Simpsons bartender spends his holidays engaging in the annual tradition of trying to kill himself. He even wears a sign that says "No one gets my organs," before hurtling himself down a hill and into multiple lanes of traffic. Loved that the school production of The Nutcracker had to have a disclaimer that said, "No leaving after your kid's part is done." Didn't matter, as everyone took off during intermission anyway. Smart people. And only on The Simpsons could Homer's retelling of the birth of Christ actually involve the invention of the Christmas tree. But somehow I don't think that's exactly how it happened.... Due to my rediscovered crush on Neil Patrick Harris courtesy of Harold and Kumar and How I Met Your Mother, I had to watch The Christmas Blessing. Turns out that even my crush couldn't compel me to watch the whole thing  just a bit too sentimental, predictable and drawn-out for my liking. I did get a kick seeing NPH back in scrubs, so much like the good old Doogie Howser days. Oh, and was Rob Lowe's hair blue, or was it just my TV playing tricks on me?