Poor Manny had been doing so much better lately. She'd repaired her damaged reputation post-Craig, made peace with a betrayed Ashley and found her way back to best friend Emma. Things were really looking up. A new school year (she's a junior now!), a sophisticated new look (what a great shag haircut!) and an exciting new interest (she got bit by the acting bug!). But then it all fell apart. Who's really at fault here? The harsh casting agent who suggested she "dump the lumps and lay off the beans and rice"? (A pretty awful ethnic slur, by the way.) The inappropriate doctor who prescribed lipo and a boob job to "even out her figure"? The impossibly thin, perfectly blonde mean girls at the party who pointed at her and laughed? Actually, my vote's for Manny's shockingly abusive father, for calling her a slut and throwing her out of the house. Runner-up goes to mom, who said and did nothing just to keep the peace. Call me crazy, but shouldn't they be more concerned that their beautiful 16-year-old had put down a deposit at a plastic surgeon's office? And, hello, there are far worse career aspirations than acting. (Like, um, porn star. So close, Manny, so close!) Granted, Manny is responsible for her own reckless behavior. (Harsh lesson No. 261: Alcohol, horny teenage boys and video cameras are never, ever a good mix.) Thank goodness for Emma, the only support Manny has. The way things are going, she's really gonna need her.