Poor Ed. He has to take pills for his hypertension and find a way to stay destressed even though he runs one of Vegas' megacasinos that's always the target of nefarious types looking to act out some nefarious schemes. On top of that, some stupid fool has stolen the big guy's identity. Wait, there's more. Unbeknownst (I love that word. It's so Speed Racer.) to him, Mike gets Ed's precious Aston Martin stolen and chopped up. Stay destressed? I don't think so. At least this all leads to some pretty funny Ed and Danny scenes. James Caan and Josh Duhamel really have this father-son-type chemistry down pat. And is there anything better than finding out something about Sam's mysterious past? Don't answer that. But come on, admit it: Her brother shows up (half brother, I get it Sam) and the girl vibrates all kinds of nervousness over her coworkers finding stuff out about her. That's enjoyable! Learning that as a kid she had a lisp and she could Electric Boogaloo with the best of them? Priceless. I say if Fox's So You Think You Can Dance ever has a second season, they should look up our girl Sam.

The Las Vegas Guest-Star Cheezometer was on a low hum for this latest episode, but guess who did show up as some sort of new boss? Nina from 24. I guess Sarah Clarke is the newest lady on the Montecito block for some reason Lara Flynn Boyle was nowhere to be found. Listen, I love all the ladies on the show, but I think we need us another dose of manly man testosterone. Maybe y'all need to bring back Dean Cain (Sam's ex-hubby) or that oh-so-adorable Bailey Chase (Mary's beau, Jake). Yeah, that would only be fair.