Newly single Tom Cruise may want to avoid Friday's episode of the WB's Grosse Pointe featuring guest star Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the installment — shot prior to the actor's high-profile split with wife Nicole Kidman — Marcy, Hunter and Courtney are sitting around gossiping about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star's sexual orientation. When Courtney says she thought the actress was in a relationship with Freddie Prinze Jr., Hunter sarcastically replies, "Yeah, and Tom Cruise is married to Nicole Kidman." Ouch. "We just watched a tape of the episode for the first time last night," Lindsay Sloane, who plays Marcy, tells TV Guide Online, "And I was like, 'Eww, are we going to have to change that? Are we going to have to loop that line?'" Apparently not. A Grosse Pointe spokesperson says that in spite of recent events, the episode — written and directed by series creator Darren Star — will air as-is. Jokes Sloane: "I guess Darren Star knows what's going to be happening before it happens. I'm going to be reading the scripts now to see what's happening with my future." Star declined to be interviewed for this story, and Cruise's spokesperson, Pat Kingsley, did not return our phone call by press time. Meanwhile, next week's People magazine reports that the estranged couple never signed a prenuptial agreement.