Michelle Obama by Amy Sussman/Getty Images Michelle Obama by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Does anyone have Ellen Cleghorn's number?

While everyone waits to see if 30 Rocker Tina Fey will moonlight on Saturday Night Live as Sen. John McCain's VP pick, Sarah Palin, the long-running sketch show has a bigger - and perhaps longer-term - gap to fill.

Conventional wisdom says that if super-busy Fey can't make time to channel the governor of Alaska, the likes of Kristen Wiig could ably slip on some character glasses and step in. Easy 'nuff. (Just make sure there's a prop baby squirming in the background at all times, even if the scene takes place at, say, midnight.)

Elsewhere on the two tickets, you have Darrell Hammond as McCain, Fred Armisen as Barack, and probably Jason Sudeikis as Biden. Amy Poehler, though pregnant, is a spot-on Cindy McCain.

But finding someone on the current ensemble to send up Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, is a bigger row to hoe. Kenan Thompson in drag? So not going to happen. Maya Rudolph? Long gone.

The buzz over at SNL is that the show really wants to get Mrs. O right, and is exploring many options. Who would you recruit for the plum gig? - Matt Mitovich