As a Philly boy, I gotta say, "Amen." I mean, even though I'm probably going to hell for laughing my butt off, there is something so right about how wrong this new comedy is. And not just because it laughs with instead of at my hometown. Or because star-creator Rob McElhenney grew up, like, around the corner from my folks. Not that I knew him or anything. He's St. Joe's Prep; I'm totally Bonner. Anyway, after a summer of sinfully lame reality, I'm praising the TV gods for sending me a scripted series that's both sharp and sick enough to poke fun at everything from racists to gays to these three dim-witted pals running a bar and running amok. Trolling Temple to recruit black friends? Swishing around the pub for their affluent, Judy Garland-loving patrons? Ding! ding! ding! It's a bad-taste buffet, and I dig it. I'm also digging Drew Carey exile Kaitlin Olson as the gang's sexable waitress, especially since this town does have some seriously smokin' servers. (Check out the staff at Mahogany on Walnut Street. Hubba.) As for the guys? Well, they're not all as cute and clueless as our heroes, but they know how to take a joke. Hopefully viewers do, too.