Peter Thomas Burns: 1948-2005. "Why do people invite anybody to anything?" asks the doomed Peter. "I have no idea," says his wife. OK, so now I know I'm not alone in how I feel about certain weddings and bar mitzvahs, even if I'm only commiserating with a guy who's got about a minute or two left on this earth. And hey, Maggie's a Quaker? I knew I liked her. But is there anything more annoying than Claire? Well, yeah Claire talking about the torture of being artistically blocked. Of course, just as I'm thinking that, she, too, comes out with something I agree with: "It's always easier to be nice to people when you don't have to see them." Way too true. And all you other amateur misanthropes know exactly what I'm talking about.

Moving right along, David tossing out a sack of porn is so old-school. Doesn't everyone just download and delete these days? And do you ever get the feeling the people writing these office-misery scenes haven't ever really worked in an office? They've just seen Office Space and The Office and think that's good enough? Or maybe they have worked in a real office and just aren't any good at writing about it? But George reads Paul Krugman. I knew there was something I liked about him. And while he may not be an enthusiastic parent OK, he's barely a parent at all Keith's still my favorite character on this show. And I can't believe they cut away from the musical celebration of biodiversity just 15 seconds in. I was enjoying that. Oh, wait, we're back: "I am an elm tree. Don't overplant me." Beautiful. Now, here's a surprise: Brenda tells Nate to just do what he wants, and even though that's all he ever does, which usually gets on my nerves, I'm actually on his side. Even if he's obviously going to end up cheating with Maggie. But as I said, I like her. Michael Peck

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