Paula Abdul Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is still figuring out her next career move, but one thing's for sure. "I will definitely be returning to television," she told reporters on Feb. 27 while promoting FemBody Nutrition, a line of nutritional supplements available through GNC. "I am in the middle of many network meetings, and I'm being pitched a whole bunch of different ideas. I have some wonderful ideas I want to produce as well. Right now life is good, and I never worry about reinvention. I think it's the most exciting thing to do."

Abdul, who turns 50 in June, has no choice but to reinvent herself after being let go from The X Factor last month, along with fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones. She says there are no hard feelings between her and Simon Cowell, the show's executive producer; they are on speaking terms, and she's open to working with the feisty Brit again. "I really can't rule any of that out because we somehow creep back in all the time. We talk all the time," she said, joking that their conversations are "mindless and mind-numbing. You know, we'll see what happens."

Despite her abrupt removal from The X Factor and the failure of Live to Dance, her reality dance competition show that aired last year on CBS, Abdul applied her signature optimism to what lies ahead. "When you least expect it from me I'm right back in your face," she told TV Guide Magazine. "It's fun for me. I love being able to be creative, and reinvention has never been a fearful thing for me. It's a welcome challenge."

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