<EM>Battlestar Galactica</EM> Battlestar Galactica

Paul Ronald Duncan, 1983-2005. What do you want me to say about this one? This country's broken in half, polarized. Those of you on both sides will think what you think regardless, but seeing an Iraq War vet who's lost both legs and one arm commit suicide is only going to make you feel more strongly the way you already do. I feel strongly about Claire, who almost never lets me down in her a-----e ways. She's drunk at work for the fifth day in a row, poor Kirsten's just trying to warn her, and all Claire can do is shriek and curse. Then she yells at the grieving mom for good measure, just in case any of us had a shred of tolerance left for her. "I am so glad you're dead," Brenda says to Nate. I would be, too, only I really think it should have been you instead, hon. I'll say this for dead Nate, though. The man gets around. I hope he's at least getting frequent-flyer miles.

"It's almost like as we get older, the number of people who completely get us shrinks," says Billy. Now  who said he was crazy, again? I was just about to write that the Billy-Brenda dynamic was starting to get creepy when Brenda dreamed she was kissing him, which means it's officially creepy. Before I can spend too much time on that, Claire flips her hearse, which would be interesting except that she survived the crash. Fast-forward to Brenda giving birth. I can honestly say I have no idea how that one's gonna turn out, but I know they have to wrap all this up in one final episode next week. Oughta be real interesting.