Patrick Stewart earns my good-sport award for the week, explaining his screenplay in which nothing happens but women losing their clothes. Then again, those

Girls Gone Wild videos have gotten someone stinkin' rich doing that and only that. How hilarious are Andy's agent and that Barry guy, by the way? Y'know, I actually just went and looked up the agent's name so I come off as sort of informed, but it turns out I've got nothing to feel bad about. He doesn't have one. He's just credited as "Agent." But the best scene of the episode was also the most upsetting, with Andy justifiably wigging out on Maggie for telling Damon he thinks he's too gay. "What's a bad day for you, tie-dyed the wrong T-shirt? Lost a kooky brooch?" he asks her. Funny line, but I truly felt bad for her despite her bonehead move. And their making up was a nice exchange, too. I'll repeat last week's sentiment here: After only a fair to middling start, this show is really getting good, I think, improving with every installment. Gervais &

Co. were always at their best when they found the right pathos-humor balance on The Office, and it looks like they're finding it again.