Danny Bonaduce by Mike Guastella/ WireImage.com Danny Bonaduce by Mike Guastella/ WireImage.com

Come on, get happy! The Partridge Family is heading back to TV.

A month after revealing its upcoming '80s-fied version of The Wonder Years, NBC is now remaking the ABC singing clan classic, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Shot single-camera, the series will be a contemporary take on the '70s hit and will be written by Jeff Rake, who's looking to "turn the premise on its head."

"In the original, the kids actually recruited their mom to front the band, which I can't see happening in any family on this planet," he said. "The new version will reflect what seems to me to be the more realistic family band scenario these days: a struggling, sort of well-meaning mom pimping her kids in order to create a wholesome-slash-sexy cash cow."

That's all good and fun, but the bigger question is: Will Danny Bonaduce return? - Joyce Eng