The Hottie and the Nottie courtesy Regent Releasing The Hottie and the Nottie courtesy Regent Releasing

Not that we needed anyone but our own Maitland McDonagh to tell us exactly how bad The Hottie and the Nottie — cultural time- and attention-waster Paris Hilton's latest attempt to star in something that isn't shot in night-vision — turned out to be (the divine Ms. M's excoriating exegesis is currently topping the "The Bad Review Revue" list over at the hilarious It seems IMDb users have also weighed in with their own carefully considered opinions. According to the folks over at, Hottie has unseated the 2004 horror-indie Zombie Nation as the absolutely worst rated movie ever on a site that tracks roughly a bazillion titles. How low is the rating? It's #1 in the bottom 100. Out of ten stars, it's currently sporting a 1.5. That's bad, people. To make matters even worse, is reporting Hottie grossed an embarrassing $27,696 on 111 screens during its opening — and presumably biggest — weekend (that breaks down to about $249.51 per screen, give or take a penny or two, and believe me, someone somewhere is counting every one). So it seems most people had no interest in seeing Paris at work, and those few who did hated — hated — what they saw.

Is there any hope for Paris? Can anything be said in her defense?