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Oftentimes it seems the Oscars are not so much about who grabs gold but who grabs all the attention on the red carpet. Minutes after she completed her pre-show interviews from the revered walkway, TV Guide Network's queen of the awards season, Lisa Rinna, shared her take on the gowns and guys. ( Vote for your own fashion hits and misses here.) For much more red-carpet review, watch TV Guide Network's Academy Awards Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna, premiering Monday, Feb. 25, at 7 pm/ET. - Amy Miller

Who were your favorites on the red carpet?
Lisa Rinna:
Katherine Heigl was my favorite. She took my breath away.

Why did you like her?
I loved the color. I'm really big on one-shoulder dresses, and the train came out of her shoulder. It was so "movie star." Her makeup looked pretty, her hair looked pretty.... She was my favorite.

Who else did you like?
I loved Cameron Diaz - she's such a statuesque, stunning woman. A natural beauty. She just shined. Keri Russell looked gorgeous - the dress was a beautiful color on her skin, and the necklace. The whole package was very good. Laura Linney looked simple and classic. The jewelry was appropriate. She and Amy Ryan, also in navy, looked so classic, simple, gorgeous and appropriate. They looked like Academy Award nominees. You need to look like you're walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and not another show. Renee Zellweger was very "movie star." I think she's cute.

Red was a very hot color tonight. Why do you think that is and why does it look so good?
When people think Oscars, they think red. I almost wore red. Red is a bold color. It draws attention, and who doesn't want to attract attention when you're at the Academy Awards? It's an iconic color to wear at the Oscars.

What did you think of Heidi Klum?
That [large red, vampire-ish gown] was quite a statement. Heidi and Seal are such a stunning couple.

Miley Cyrus?
I thought she looked really appropriate for her age, which I was happy to see. She didn't look 30.

Anne Hathaway?
Rinna: She looked good. I'm not a fan of the drapey flower stuff. I like really simple.

Let's go through the pregnant girls. Jessica Alba?
Rinna: I loved the color. She looked really soft and beautiful.

Nicole Kidman?
Looked stunning. She looked like the Nicole we know, but with a tiny bump.

Cate Blanchett ?
Rinna: Gorgeous. Grecian-y.

Do you think anyone was a major "miss"?
Not really. I didn't see any big misses. Some color choices were a bit questionable, but everybody was pretty safe.

And lastly, how about the men?
Dwayne ["The Rock" Johnson] looked good. I had a good interview with him. I loved Patrick [Dempsey]. George [Clooney] looked fantastic. Johnny Depp was cute.

For much more red-carpet reviews, watch TV Guide Network's Academy Awards Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna, premiering Monday, Feb. 25, at 7 pm/ET.

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