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My Big Fat Greek Wedding star, Nia Vardalos, who is also the real life wife of Ian Gomez, tells us her guest stint on Cougar Town was so much fun to shoot the cast could barely keep it together. "We had an excellent time. I thought we were going to get fired every day for laughing," she told TV Guide Magazine at the Independent Spirit Awards. Vardalos will play a woman who inappropriately comes onto Ian's very married character, and after trying to schedule the guest appearance for almost two seasons she says she would love to come back for more. "I'd love it," says Vardalos. "Tell them that!"  

90210 is always a hotbed of drama, and it's no different for Trevor Donovan's character, Teddy, who this season is dealing with coming out of the closet. "Teddy has some revelations and such.  He used to be such a womanizer and player and he starts to carry that over into his gay life," Donovan tells TV Guide Magazine. But luckily, for fans of Marco (Freddie Smith), the couple will soon be together again. "[Teddy] realizes that he doesn't know what he wants anymore, so he finds himself in a nice stable relationship, a nice, slow, progressive relationship that goes into the end of the season. So there is a rift, a realization, and then a rendezvous."

Harry Shum Jr. tells us the original songs that are about to air on Glee are wicked! "'Loser like Me' was a lot of fun [to shoot]," he told us at the Rolling Stone awards party. "And the original song that Santana sings is one of my favorites. It's so funny.  I can't tell you what, but watch out for Santana. It's like ridiculously good, but in a weird way." As far as his on-screen romance goes he and co-star Jenna Ushkowitz have differing opinions on whether or not it will be smooth sailing. "I always tell Jen, 'We're going to break up.' and she's like, 'No, we're not. So we're at a crossroads." But for now it's looking good. "Every relationship is so messed up except for ours, and I think the show needs that.  People need to have like some kind of feeling that relationships do work."

If you're a fan of True Blood's resident shape shifter, Sam Merlotte, Season 4 is for you. "We explore the shapeshifting community, the mythology of shape shifters, and that kind of thing. It's going to be cool," Sam Trammell tells us. "That means a really good season for me. I do some trippy stuff. And there is a love interest for me." Other than that, expect new creatures and new villains. "We like to re-invent the show every year!"

Steve Carell is about to shoot his last ever episode of The Office next week, says co-star Kate Flannery. But rather than being sad, she and the cast of The Office are conflicted in their emotions. "It's been amazing," she says of the last few episodes. "Will Ferrell's been there. They've been the funniest and saddest [episodes]... I mean, I'm laughing or I'm crying, because Steve is such a wonderful actor and wonderful man, such a wonderful force on the show. And it seems almost impossible to say good bye, but I feel like Will Ferrell is the shiny object we have to distract us from all the sorrow." Ferrell will be there for a total of four episodes, and remains on the show even after Michael Scott bids adieu. Flannery says there have already been clues as to why and how Michael Scott will leave the show. "I'm not going to tell you what they are, but there are clues," she says, adding that Amy Ryan (Holly) is not one of them. "She is there until Steve's end, but she is not a clue. No."

What are your guesses? What could the clues be if it's not Michael and Holly going off into the sunset?

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