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The Originals: Will Klaus Finally Take Down Dahlia?

Julie Plec on the epic showdown and what's next for the siblings

Robyn Ross

Klaus has met his adversarial match on The Originals, but does he have what it takes -- especially after alienating all of his allies -- to bring down the most powerful witch in his aunt Dahlia? He'll have to earn back the trust of his brother and sister if he's got a shot.

"Rebekah and Elijah are extremely conflicted," Claire Holt, who returns to the show in the season finale, tells TVGuide.com. "Once again, they're puppets in Klaus' game and they have a hard time realizing that their futures are constantly dictated by him. But they can see there's a method to his madness at times and as dysfunctional as this family is and despite the betrayals and treachery, there is something special about the three of them and the way they unite for a common cause."

For a guy who's done some pretty horrible things in his centuries-long reign, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) proved in Season 2's penultimate episode that he's capable of so much more. Aligning with Dahlia (Claudia Black), whose ultimate goal is to take baby Hope, Klaus made Gia (Nishi Munshi) kill herself; he stabbed Elijah (Daniel Gillies) with Papa Tunde's knife; he bit Cami (Leah Pipes); and he aided Dahlia in cursing Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and her pack into wolf-mode.

But as we've come to know, Klaus is always one step ahead and as revealed in the final moments of last week's episode, we learned (almost) every awful thing he had just done was to convince Dahlia he's by her side so that he can turn on her in the final hour. Will he, with the reluctant help of his siblings, take her down once and for all? And even if he saves his baby Hope, where does this leave her mother Hayley? We spoke with executive producer Julie Plec ahead of the Season 2 finale.

The season has really focused on bringing in the first generation family. Is this chapter coming to a close?
Julie Plec:
Yes. This whole season was set against a fable-esque tonal background and the story of the family legacy of the people who created and begat the Original family and we do bring it nicely to a close. That's not to say there's not more out there, but it has a great finality to it.

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Will we see Elijah and Rebekah put what Klaus did aside for a united front?
Plec: Well, they do need to have a united front in this episode which for Elijah, especially, is just about the most infuriating and frustrating predicament for him to find himself in. Klaus is the last person he ever wants to talk to again. By the time we get to the end of the episode we'll be asking the question, will his family survive? Will Elijah and Klaus' relationship survive this latest round of Klaus being Klaus? And how, if ever, will they come back together?

Joseph told usthere are some inspiring moments, but we don't often pair Klaus and "inspiring" together.
Plec: I think you [have to] look at it through the prism of family. Yes, Klaus as a mad man and a monster has done some horrific things, but what it all boils down to that is he is fighting against this woman who is set on destroying his family and destroying his child. For Rebekah and Elijah to fight alongside him is actually a beautiful thing because they are fighting against the cycle of abuse and terror that has been placed over them for so many centuries by their parents and now their aunt.

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Where does Davina (Danielle Campbell), now regent, fit in with all of this?
Davina is a young woman taking the reigns of a very grown up responsibility and that doesn't necessarily come easily. There's a foreboding aspect of it. Does she really have the maturity to handle this massive responsibility? Or will her anger and fury at the Original family cloud her judgment?

Will we see Cami, who holds the key to killing Dahlia, step up?
Cami definitely got gifted with the master plan, so now she has to convince Elijah to go along with it because Elijah is in deep, deep rage. Cami also has to take stock of her life and say, how have I gotten myself so deep into this world and so deep into the life of this mad man, Klaus, who I feel compelled to care about in spite of everything? So she has a big philosophical question to ask herself.

Klaus continues to trust Cami and they're always drawn back to each other. Will we see this explored more?
Plec: Yeah. I don't know if you remember the hummingbird speech in The Vampire Diaries, but l love that speech because he talks about, as an immortal, being so fascinated by a creature who has to work so hard just to maintain life. I think Klaus has always had a fascination with the beauty and the poetry of humanity and I think Caroline (Candice Accola) at one time and now Cami as a human being represents that. I'm not talking romantic interests ... but they represent a fragility of humanity and an innocence and purity that I think he really finds fascinating. Cami, having all of that coupled with a deep, deep understanding of human nature, can then throw the mirror up in his face and make him see himself for who he is which makes her a very challenging and fascinating personal partner for him -- whether it's as a therapist or a friend or whatever.

Has Klaus and Hayley's relationship been severed for good?
Well, they're definitely not in a good place. She made a big move in trying to take his child away and he doubled down with a bigger move punishing her with a terrible werewolf curse. So they are not going to be in a good space with each other, but I will say I think Klaus ultimately does care about Haley. I think they're actually more alike and more bonded than he realizes. When all is said and done, Klaus' sense is going to be, 'Well, Dahlia was going to kill her, so I made it so that she would live so I don't know why everybody is so mad at me.' Which, I think everybody will be equally as infuriated by because it's half true, it's partially right. So Klaus' logic is actually correct. It's just his methods are so despicable [that] that's what makes his siblings and the people in his life so frustrated by him. They just wish he could have a softer touch.

The Originals finale airs on Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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