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Here's the Surprising Place You've Seen Orange Is the New Black Breakout Daddy Before

Hint: It's not from acting

Keisha Hatchett

Orange is the New Black returned for Season 6 on Friday with a brand new location and some memorable new faces, but none more likable than new Max inmate Daddy (Vicci Martinez). Poised to be this season's breakout star, Daddy's fierce haircut and suave attitude have already made her a standout among the established ensemble cast and a clear favorite among fans. But if she seems familiar to you, that's because she's no stranger to television.

Vicci Martinez, who plays the smooth-talking drug trafficker, got her big break as a Top 4 finalist during the inaugural season of The Voice back in 2011. Taking a break from the music business last year to clear her head and sober up, the singer thought about getting into acting -- something she had never done before. After watching Orange's fifth season, Martinez made it a personal priority to be on the show. But before she could reach out to producers, they were already ringing her phone.

"They reached out to me and I was like 'Wow! How did you even find me?' Google. I love you, Google," she told TV Guide.

Orange marks Martinez's first major acting gig and stepping onto the set was just as daunting as stepping onto The Voice stage to perform in front of a judges' panel that included Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. "It was like that adrenaline, that same feeling of 'Holy sh-, here we go' and 'I better not f--k up,''" she explained. "I remember being on set and being like, 'I don't want to f--k up and waste people's time.' Especially for the lady who has to hold the boom mic. She's there all day holding this f--king mic up. I'm like, 'OK, I don't want her arm to fall off. Vicci, get your lines right.'"

Nerves aside, Martinez has already proven she has a knack for acting, even impressing her co-star Natasha Lyonne. Recalling a time on set when Lyonne complimented her amazing eye work (Tyra Banks would be proud), Martinez said that Lyonne "came up to me and she's like, 'Who are you kid? Whatever you're doing with your eyes is perfect.'" Martinez took the praise to heart, even gushing to her mother, who isn't easily impressed by Hollywood celebs on a hit TV show. "She was like, 'Whatever, mija. Just do your best,'" Martinez recalled with a laugh.

Catch Martinez in action as Daddy in Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black, which is now available to stream on Netflix.