Survival in prison is all about the simple pleasures, according to Orange Is the New Black.

Amid all the drama of Season 3, the one image that stands out as encapsulating what this show is all about is from the final scene, as several Litchfield inmates run with wild abandon out of the prison yard - not to escape, but just to enjoy a dip in the lake (or, in the case of Black Cindy, a Mikveh).

The iconic sequence, which was shot over two days in October, sends the third season out on a high note. The mostly-silent scene is remarkable not only as a lovely representation of female friendship and camaraderie, but also because of the sheer joy it depicts on the screen and the warm fuzzies it inspires almost reflexively in the viewer. "It's a miracle," Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) marvels, and she's right.

Here's everything we know about Orange Is the New Black Season 4 spoke to star Aduba about what it was like to film the soggy scene, and here's what she told us.

"One of those days was on a Saturday, but it wound up being the nicest day ever. It was super warm," Aduba recalls. "Because it's October, you think it's going to be super cold. It actually wound up being beautiful."

But that's up for debate. "Some of my castmates were like, 'No, I don't know if it was that warm,'" Aduba admits. "Maybe I was just in such a euphoric space. I loved that day. I was so happy to have it."

And it wasn't just the actresses who got in on the action. "Our crew was getting up out of their chairs to come and sit in the water with us in solidarity. It was amazing."

Aduba says the scene is one of her fondest memories from Season 3. "I just remember our cast was so game, so fun, so supportive," Aduba says. "I feel like that when I watch it. I watch that spirit of, like, I just felt so happy. Because the day could have gone a totally different way."