Natasha Lyonne, Yael Stone Natasha Lyonne, Yael Stone

Orange Is the New Black's second season revealed a lot about our favorite Litchfield ladies, but nothing was as surprising as the truth about Lorna Morello (Yael Stone).

As Episode 4 reveals, Morello isn't the sweet, harmless woman locked up for mail fraud whom we thought she was (though she definitely loved her some mail fraud). It turns out the romantic optimist is a full-blown stalker, with Christopher and his real fiancée being merely the victims of her vicious obsession. And though we always knew Morello was delusional about her relationship Christopher, we never assumed she'd be actually crazy. So was Stone as shocked by the truth as we were?

"I was totally wrong. I was completely and utterly totally wrong," Stone tells of discovering Morello's troubled past. (As the actress told us last fall, she had initially come up with "a crazy story that may or may not have involved some violent assault.") Despite this, Stone says learning the truth hasn't drastically changed the way she perceives or approaches playing Morello.

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"I believe that Lorna is suffering as an erotomaniac stalker, so the reality is complete. There's nothing to play because that's her truth. I wouldn't change anything in the past because that's her truth," Stone explains. "In terms of approaching her now, she's dismantled that fiction a little and that's really interesting to do."

However, there was one scene that made Stone a little nervous when she read it. When Fischer leaves Morello in the van during Miss Rosa's chemo, the lovesick inmate takes the opportunity to break into Christopher's house, even taking a bath in his fiancée's veil. "The thought crossed my mind that I was about to lose my job," Stone says. "It was really pushing it. It was crazy times."

Fortunately, Morello had enough sense to get back in the van and book it to the hospital just in time to avoid getting caught (albeit if Christopher hadn't come home, she probably would have stayed forever). But the red-lipped inmate didn't get off scot-free. Knowing she was in his home, Christopher breaks the restraining order and goes to brutally confront Morello during visiting hours.

"It was really fun to have this dynamic scene. It's also very painful for her. And we've been with these characters for some time now and we feel very protective and loving towards them so it's hard when they get hurt," Stone says. "And to have that scene and turn and see Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) observed the whole thing it's a whole other level on top of that because its exposure."

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Morello might be ashamed at Nicky discovering her secret, but the revelation results in a beautiful moment between the two women with Nicky accepting Morello exactly as she is. "She's saying I love her unconditionally and I see you, I'm here for you. And I guess Nicky's hope would be it would force Lorna to live in her reality a little more and come to some acceptance of that," Lyonne says.

"I think that the fact that Lorna does have to confront this truth and it has come out in the context of prison is not a mistake," Stone adds. "I think she wasn't able to do that in her home family, her biological unit, and she's come to prison and she's got a real family maybe for the first time. And for all the restriction and all the difficulty and all the horror it must be to be confined, it does seem she has to confront some truths and be a little more honest with herself in the context of this prison family."

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While much of this season involved Nicky demonstrating her unwavering support of Morello, it seems that the roles might be reversed next season, thanks to the Chekov's stash of heroin lurking in the air vent. So how scared should we be for Nicky?

"Reasonably worried," Lyonne says. "I think sort of the whole season in a way she's been battling her demons. Now that we've sort of met them, we're really getting to know them and what they're up against and the daily battle they're doing internally in prison. So I think she's really of two minds. And a big one of it is the temptation to do it and to get at least a small escape. So I think that it's a real cliff-hanger.

"I think amazing endless gift of the show is that the stakes are built in," Lyonne continues. "These are people in prison with their backs literally against the wall moment to moment and so we should be very worried about all these characters all the time. These are not self-preserving people. These are people hell-bent on self-destruction ultimately."

However, Lyonne refuses to comment on what exactly the future holds for Nicky (and whether we'll learn more about her past) in Season 3. "As soon as they give us the scripts, they come with lobotomy appointments. Easy in and easy out. We don't even know what we shot," Lyonne jokes.