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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about the second episode of Orange Is the New Black Season 2. Read at your own risk.]

Lea Delaria is quickly becoming Orange Is the New Black's go-to girl for unorthodox orgasms — and the actress isn't complaining.

In the first season of the Netflix comedy, no one could stop talking about Big Boo's (Delaria) creative use of a stolen screwdriver. But for anyone who thought that was too provocative, you might want to stay away from the second episode of Orange's second season (or maybe just the entire show, because this series isn't messing around).

In the episode, Big Boo once again proves that she can turn anything into a tool for sexual pleasure. Though this time, she might have definitely gone a bit too far.

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While feeding Lil Boo, Big Boo marvels at the excited way the dog licks up the peanut butter, making any fan of Wilfred uneasily anticipating what came next. "You like to lick that, don't you? Just lick, lick, lick," Boo muses, until a light bulb flashes and she decides to try putting the peanut butter... somewhere else.

So how did Delaria react when she learned her character was going to get oral sex from a dog?

"Well, of course, the lesbian feminist side of me wants to say, 'That's abusive to animals, blah blah blah blah blah.' But you know the comedian in me — Anything for a Laugh Delaria — jumped up and down like a little girl and went, 'Oh, here we go! More controversy. Let's do it!'" Delaria tells TVGuide.com.

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When asked how Big Boo's latest unexpected sexual escapade compares to the now-infamous screwdriver scene, Delaria says they can only be equated in terms of surprise. "I don't think anyone's going to expect it, just like nobody was going to expect it with the screwdriver. But I'm curious to see how people will respond to it," Delaria says. "Mostly the [reaction to the] screwdriver's quite positive, but there are people who think that went too far. I just don't party with them. They're not my kind of people."

Though Boo quickly realizes the error of her ways and gives up Lil Boo ("It got weird"), the incident isn't the only time you'll see the character push the limits this year. "You will see a darker Big Boo in this season," Delaria teases.

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