You know how Oprah Winfrey has those Favorite Things shows where she gives away smoked turkey legs and cashmere sweaters and everyone loses their minds? Watch this clip - it's a scream - and then picture Oprah, in that same bellowing, sing-songy tone, announcing:



I doubt she'll do it when Thomas Beatie, the "pregnant man," is her guest on Thursday's show, but wouldn't it be awesome if she did? One presumes that O will ferret out a logical explanation for all this reproduction mishegas that will involve diagrams, tender hand-holding and Dr. Oz - and not snarky jokes like that scamp Letterman. In the meantime, has a teaser clip in which Winfrey asks, "Why have you decided to go public with your story?" Yes, why?

And, because it's the Oprah show, we will also get a tour of the nursery. Because if there's one question this program raises, it's what color the damn walls are. - Mickey O'Connor